Join the VMA of NYC

We are pleased to invite you to join the Veterinary Medical Association of
New York City (VMA of NYC), a regional veterinary medical association of the
New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS).  Whether you are interested in opportunities for networking, education, career advancement
or social action, there is a place for you in our Association.

As the “voice” and primary advocate for the profession in New York, the
VMA of NYC is your source for the latest information on the laws and regulations that govern your practice. Together with the NYSVMS, we provide advocacy, access to valuable professional resources and quality continuing education programs.

All of our members have one thing in common; they are dedicated to our mission, which is to improve and advance the education of veterinarians and the science of veterinary medicine. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help promote and protect the practice and the profession of veterinary medicine.

To join the VMA of NYC, simply complete and return our VMA Membership Application and mail it to us today, along with your payment. Or, if you prefer, you can join on-line by clicking join VMA of NYC. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.


Membership Requirements

Applicants for the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City (VMA of NYC) membership must also join the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS). Active membership is open to veterinarians who practice or work in any of the five boroughs of New York City. Associate (non-voting) membership is available for veterinarians practicing outside of that area who belong to their state veterinary associations. New graduates are given free membership in both the VMA of NYC and the NYSVMS for the first six months following graduation.

All applicants for membership are asked to obtain the endorsement of one member of the VMA of NYC when applying for membership. If you do not know a member, please call the VMA of NYC’s office for assistance. All new member applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. Once approved, new members are voted on by the membership at the monthly membership/continuing education meeting. Each new member will then be introduced to the Association and your application will be forwarded to the NYSVMS.

Dues & Fees

VMA of NYC active membership dues are $225 per year. Dues for active membership are prorated for recent graduates as follows: 1st year dues – $56.25; 2nd year dues – $112.50; 3rd year dues – $168.75. The NYSVMS follows a similar formula in prorating dues for recent graduates. (See VMA of NYC membership application for details).

Associate membership dues for the VMA of NYC are $60 per year. Associate members may attend all meetings and events held by the VMA of NYC but cannot vote or hold office.

Membership Benefits

Educational Opportunities

The VMA of NYC holds a series of 2 -hour Continuing Education programs the first or second Wednesday of the month throughout the year except July and August. Continuing Education credits are given for each meeting attended.

The NYSVMS offers an annual meeting and conference usually held over a weekend in upstate New York in September or October. Continuing education credits are offered to attendees.


The VMA of NYC publishes a quarterly newsletter The New York City Veterinarian which contains information about Association activities and upcoming meetings. Brief scientific articles are included along with items on veterinary ethics, laws and regulations which affect the practice of veterinary medicine. The newsletter also includes classified advertising at no charge to members who wish to list job opportunities, positions wanted, equipment for sale, etc. The NYSVMS publishes a weekly e-newsletter the Veterinary News which is also sent to all members.

Laws and Regulations

Both the VMA of NYC and NYSVMS have legislative/political action committees which constantly monitor pending legislation and existing laws/regulations affecting the profession. The NYSVMS Government Relations Committee and professional lobbying firm represent veterinary interests and educate legislators and state agencies about veterinary interests and educate legislators and state agencies about veterinary issues.

Ethics and Grievances

The VMA of NYC has an ethics and grievance committee made up of five veterinary members, one member from each of the five boroughs. This committee and the NYSVMS Ethics Commitee work to resolve client complaints to the satisfaction of both veterinarians and clients.

Veterinary Facility Accreditation Program (VFAP)

Through an inspection program offered by the NYSVMS, your practice may be accredited through a voluntary process which will demonstrate your commitment to facility professionalism, appearance, maintenance and quality patient care. Over one-third of the veterinary practices in New York State are now “VFAP Member Hospitals.”

Affinity Programs

Membership in the NYSVMS and the VMA of NYC allow you to participate in NYSVMS sponsored affinity programs such as comprehensive insurance programs, rebates on electricity and gas usage, discounted credit card payment processing and more. Contact the NYSVMS at 800-876-9867 for more information.