Useful Pet Health Information


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Choosing a VetChoosing a Vet (Spanish)

Chronic Kidney Disease

Diabetes in Cats

External ParasitesExternal Parasites (Spanish)

Feline Behavior Problems: Aggression

Feline Behavior Problems: Destructive Behavior

Feline Behavior Problems: House Soiling

FEMA Info for Pet Owners

In Case of an Emergency

Internal Parasites in Cats and DogsInternal Parasites in Cats and Dogs (Spanish)

Leptospirosis FAQ for Dog Owners

Microchipping Your PetMicrochipping Your Pet (Spanish)

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Pet First AidPet First Aid (Spanish)

Pet Ownership and You PosterPet Ownership and You Poster (Spanish)

Poisonous Household Products

Preventing Zoonotic DiseasesPreventing Zoonotic Diseases (Spanish)

Rabies – Protecting Your Pet

Ready NY – My Pet’s Emergency Plan

Special Needs of the Senior Cat

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List

Traveling With Your Pet / Traveling With Your Pet – Spanish

Your Pet’s Healthy Weight / Your Pet’s Healthy Weight – Spanish

NY SAVE Animals in Veterinary Emergency



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