Imagine if your beloved pet suddenly became injured or seriously ill, and your veterinarian said the prognosis was good with proper care, but you simply could not afford to pay for it. Imagine if you were living on a small fixed income or had a low-paying job and there was nothing left over for an emergency. Imagine if nine lives were just not enough for your pet, who is so important to you and your family.

That is why we are here. NY Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency (NY SAVE) was incorporated in 1998 to provide funds for emergency care when pets most need it and their owners have exhausted all other avenues. Veterinarians aid in the effort by reducing their normal fees to provide life-saving treatment.

NY SAVE does not want a lack of funds to make the difference between life and death for a pet, or for any pet to suffer needlessly. Sometimes these pets are the only family their owners have.

As you go about your business, the families of these cats and dogs will be celebrating. Had these pets not received emergency veterinary care with funding from NY SAVE, this would not be the case.

Please give as generously as you can.


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