NY Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency (NY SAVE)

The not-for-profit organization was founded in 1998, and is incorporated in NY State. It is the outgrowth of an idea originated by the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC (VMANYC) to provide emergency veterinary care for pets owned by very low income New York City residents. NY SAVE is designated as a 501c(3) charity by the IRS and all gifts made to it are tax deductible.

Funding comes from individuals who join the organization on a yearly basis at membership rates ranging from $25 to $1,500 and from donations made by veterinarians and others to the Pet Memorial Fund in memory of deceased pets. There is also a Guardian Angel Fund to which individuals may make contributions in memory, or honor, of people. Bequests and grants make up the balance of its income.

In order to use most of the monies raised for the funding of veterinary emergency care, the organization does not have its own headquarters or staff and operates on a volunteer basis with the assistance of the VMANYC. Veterinarians who provide care for severely sick or injured animals do so from their own hospitals and discount their fees so that these animals can receive the treatment and care they desperately need.

In most cases, veterinarians ask for financial assistance in order to take care of the pets of needy New York residents, although some pet owners do so themselves. Currently, NY SAVE funds 80% of a veterinarian’s normal fee for services with a “cap” of $2,000.

NY SAVE may be reached via Email at: ds*****@gm***.com, or by phone at the VMANYC (917-669-7281) during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, other than holidays. Its mailing address is: NY SAVE, Inc., 349 East 49th Street, #2F, New York, NY 10017.

Additional information can be found at the NY SAVE website: www.nysave.org.