Budget and Auditing Committee

The Budget and Auditing Committee oversees the finances of the Association and is responsible for the financial budgetary policy for the Association’s activities.  The Finance Committee should be available as a resource to the President, Executive Secretary and other officers in the process of developing a proposed budget for the fiscal year. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning all financial investments and financial policies which are likely to have any financial impact.

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee functions to increase the public presence of the VMA of NYC in order to more completely achieve the Association’s mission to “enlighten and inform the public in regard to veterinary medicine, science, knowledge, and the avoidance of cruelty to animals.” The Committee will do that by helping to connect the Association with the New York City community through groups and venues that already exist.

Ethics/Grievances Committee

The Ethics Committee functions to review and mediate complaints filed against a member generally from the public or by another veterinarian. It is a committee of one’s peers; it is neither a licensing nor disciplinary body. It is considered an informal process without the benefit of legal counsel to any parties. The goal is to clarify any misunderstanding, mediate and resolve the situation to both parties’ satisfaction.

Legislation/Political Action Committee

The Legislation/Political Action Committee is responsible for monitoring all legislation affecting the profession and initiating legislation that will help our profession, our colleagues, our clients and our patients. It obtains information for all pending military, Federal, State and municipal measures affecting veterinarians or the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinary public health, and employs all honorable means in its power to carry out the wishes of this Association in regard to bills pending. The Committee prepares all proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws for submission to the Association.

Member Services Committee

The Member Services committee of the VMA of NYC contacts veterinarians who have applied for membership in the organization and invites them to the meeting in which the general membership votes on their application. They present the potential new members to the membership and ask for a vote of the general membership. New members are then welcomed into the association.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee identifies, determines the eligibility of, and recommends to the Board of Directors persons to be considered for elected offices of the Association. The Committee prepares a proposed ballot to include all elective officers and elective committee persons for the annual election. This committee is also responsible for making recommendations for recipients of all VMA of NYC awards. The members of the committee nominate candidates for the awards given out once a year.

Practice Committee

The Practice committee serves to review or facilitate any initiatives regarding the practice of veterinary medicine. The Practice Committee also reviews or facilitates any pending legislation pertaining to veterinary medicine, animal welfare or any initiative that may affect the human companion animal bond.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for providing members of the Association with well-recognized, outstanding, and renowned veterinarians and researchers from around the world to speak at the scientific session. These veterinary specialists present the latest, updated information for a variety of veterinary medical and surgical topics at the ten scientific lectures held each year.

Historian Committee

The Historian Committee’s responsibility is to insure the preservation of the Association’s history through the establishment and management of a process for preserving documents. The committee actively maintains the archives and documents the historical record of the Association.