Maddie’s Fund

Maddie’s Fund®, The Pet Rescue Foundation, is a family foundation funded by PeopleSoft Founder, Dave Duffield, and his wife, Cheryl, to help create a no-kill nation. The first step is to help develop programs that guarantee loving homes for all healthy shelter dogs and cats throughout the country. The next step will be to save sick and injured pets in animal shelters nationwide.

Maddie’s Fund is named after Duffield’s beloved Miniature Schnauzer. The Foundation makes good on a promise the family made to Maddie to give back to her kind in dollars that which Maddie gave to them in friendship and love. Maddie passed away in 1997, but thanks to this one little dog, abandoned shelter dogs and cats have new opportunities to find loving homes in which they, too, may share in the joy, love and companionship that Dave and Cheryl enjoyed with Maddie.